New Students

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Students and Parents Say:

"I couldn't fathom having Grant anywhere but TMAA! I tell everyone I talk to

about it, that it feels like family there."

"The White and Yellow Belt class has been great for my kids. The instructors really know what they are doing. They are learning their Taekwondo skills and have had lessons in sharing and manners, too!"

"It’s the only activity that my entire family can do. I have two teenagers and a little one. It is so hard to find something for the whole family that is GOOD for us."

"The Specialty Classes are what my middle school and high school age kids like the most. Weapons night is their favorite."

"The instruction is so well done; we are mastering the arts and still having fun. It's great for young and old alike, exercise is mixed in with training, but older folks can go at their own pace."

"I see the difference in attitude. My kids are more polite and listen better. Their grades have improved!"

"The schedule's great! I take the more adult oriented classes, like Saturday morning Hapkido. My children take classes of their own."

Common Concerns and Questions:

Typical Student: There's no such thing. We're big and small, short and tall, young and old, and everywhere in between.

Cost: We have no long-term contracts, only simple monthly tuition and testing fees. We do sometimes run specials for people who want to pay a few months in advance - so don't be shy about asking.

Trial Classes: Stop by during any scheduled class. You can watch, but it's a lot more fun to take part in the class! New students can begin any time. Try two classes at no cost to see if you like it! We encourage you to try several classes to make sure it will be a good fit for you and/or your family.

What to wear: Tee-shirts and sweatpants or basketball shorts for trial classes. Once you decide to continue, an official martial arts uniform and belt are included at no additional charge.

Coming from a different school: We welcome transfer students, from beginner to Black Belt!

How many classes do students usually attend? Reasonable progress can be made by attending twice a week, paying attention while you're here, and doing some home practice.

How big are the classesTaekwondo:About 15 students to 20, but a class may have 4 students one week and 25 the next. Hapkido: About 12. Circuits: Just a few. Both Cardio and Yoga: 8 to 15.

What's the difference in the classes? Our Schedule-Video page holds descriptions and short movies of each style taught.

Are there age requirements? Taekwondo: Ages 5 and up; Specialty Classes (weapons, sparring, forms), Boxing and Wednesday Hapkido: Ages 11 and up or with instructor’s permission; Saturday Hapkido: Ages 14 and up.

Do I have to fight? Taekwondo and Hapkido students learn to spar, which is controlled and rules-based. Hapkido is strong in self-defense.

How long before I get a Black Belt? Your hard work combined with steady attendance enables you to earn a black belt in about three or four years.

 "There is no place better for kids. Honesty, humility, self-respect, and perseverance; that's Tiger Martial Arts!"