Tuition & Fees

Tiger Martial Arts has NO long-term contracts and NO hidden fees!

  Taekwondo -and- Hapkido per month:

      $ 75.00   Single student

      $125.00  Two students from same family

      $150.00  Immediate family up to 6 people ($10/month for each over 6 people)

  Hapkido only:

      $ 50.00   per person

  Color Belt Testing Fees:

      $ 20.00   per student per belt for yellow through red-black belt
                  (normal progress with regular attendance is 3 or 4 tests per year)

  Black Belt Fees (may be paid in installments starting 6 months prior to testing):

      $150.00   First Dan

      $200.00   Second Dan

      $300.00   Third Dan