Note age/belt requirements for some classes: 

Ages Taught: All = 5 years and up. Adult = 16 years and up. 

Emphasis: Physical - Kicking, striking, forms (choreographed sets of movements), one-steps (practiced responses to a threat), sparring (rules-based "fighting"), basic judo throws, and breakfalls (akin to tumbling). Emotional - Honesty, humility, self-control, perseverance, respect. 

Class Structure: Start with warm-ups and stretches. Constant physical challenges to improve skills and provide growth. Establish patterns of success. Build strength and confidence. Provides a moderate to fairly difficult workout. 

Goals: Excellent control of body weight, strong core, lean muscles, improved endurance, quicker reflexes, better balance, greater poise, and a can-do attitude. Ability to defend yourself in any situation.